Yumbah abalone big part of KI flavour at Aurora Ozone Hotel

First published on The Islander, 16 December 2018. Click here to read the full article. Abalone from Yumbah Aquaculture make up a big part of the amazing seafood menu at the Aurora Ozone Hotel. Kangaroo Island produce is key to the locally focussed menu, constantly updated by head chef Lenny Numa. He currently has confit of abalone on the […]

New Yumbah Aquaculture group finance manager Patrick O’Neil’s penchant for abalone diving

First published on The Adelaide Advertiser 28 November 2018. Click here to read the full article. Patrick O’Neil’s connection with abalone stretches back to when he was about 12, spending his school holidays diving on the Eyre Peninsula. Mr O’Neil, who has joined the ranks at abalone producer Yumbah Aquaculture, says he still enjoys searching for the shellfish […]

Winners selected for inaugural Kangaroo Island YOUTH Employment awards

First published on The Islander 22 October 2018. Click here to read the full article. Three young Kangaroo Island residents now have some additional cash and assistance to further their education and training. The inaugural Yumbah Aquaculture Kangaroo Island YOUTH Employment Award was presented at the Variety V2 Motorbike Run community dinner at the Kingscote Town Hall on Friday, […]

Yumbah expands business in SA

First published on Stock Journal 12 September 2018. Click here to read the full article. A NEW abalone feed manafacturing operation in southern Adelaide opened yesterday. Yumbah Aquaculture, which has sites near Port Lincoln and on Kangaroo Island, is the largest abalone producer in the Southern Hemisphere. The addition of the Lonsdale-based Yumbah Aquafeeds allows it to vertically integrated onshore […]

Yumbah Aquaculture opens new abalone feed factory in Lonsdale

First published on Adelaide Advertiser 11 September 2018. Click here to read the full article. YUMBAH Aquaculture’s new food manufacturing plant at Lonsdale is helping nourish thousands of hungry abalone in Australia, ready for export across the world. The company will today officially launch its new Heath Rd factory, after spending about $750,000 moving from a smaller, […]

Proposal for $73 million abalone farm at Dutton Way

First published on The Standard 11 September 2018. Click here to read the full article. The company behind plans for a $73 million abalone farm near Portland will host a public information session on Tuesday. Yumbah Aquaculture, the operator of the Narrawong abalone farm, will speak with local community members at a drop in session at the Portland Business Hub between […]

Yumbah Aquaculture improves growth rate among abalone and eyes business growth

First published on Adelaide Advertiser 31 July 2018. Click here to read the full article.   YUMBAH Aquaculture is eyeing a lucrative expansion into the Chinese market, after successfully increasing the growth rate of its juvenile abalone by 25 per cent. The company, which produces 700 tonnes of abalone a year, believed the new growth techniques spearheaded on […]

Yumbah Aquaculture on track for record abalone production on KI

First published on The Islander June 2018. Click here to read the full article.   Yumbah Aquaculture is reporting that its nursery has produced record tonnage for the year at its abalone farm at Smith Bay on the north coast. KI manager David Connell said the juvenile abalone produced in the spawning facility back in December had spent the last six months in […]

Snail’s pace is fast money in Yumbah’s coastal agribusiness game

First published on Farm Online 24 April 2018. Click here to read the full article. There’s nothing sluggish about market demand or business growth for one of Australia’s newest, and less conventional, agribusiness achievers – sea snail farmer Yumbah Aquaculture. Victorian-based Yumbah has emerged from an idea just 18 years ago to become a four-farm business turning over almost […]

Yumbah Aquaculture wins South Australian produce award

First published on The Islander 18 April 2018. Click here to read the full article. Abalone growing company Yumbah Aquaculture has taken out a “From the Sea” Award in the 2018 South Australian delicious. Produce Awards. One of the company’s four farms is located on Kangaroo Island on the shores of Smith Bay. Nominated by Australia’s leading chefs, the 13th annual delicious. Produce Awards celebrate […]