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David Wood

David brings experience as a C-level executive, who can direct and manage a business through the growth and downturn cycles to optimise shareholder value. He has had full leadership and management responsibility for developing and translating corporate strategy and vision into executable business plans. With over 12 years of experience in the wine industry before moving…

Patrick O’Neil

Patrick is a Chartered Accountant with many years of financial and strategic commercial management experience within the aquaculture and wine industries. Patrick’s background includes management roles both domestically and internationally across a range of fields, including manufacturing, agriculture, aquaculture, viticulture, importing, exporting and general commercial operations in the FMCG industry.

Peter Lillie

Peter gained a Bachelor of Economics degree from Monash University in 1980 and pursued other non-economic interests for a while, including playing music and commercial fishing (tuna longline), before settling into being a registered builder (still current). He began pursuing aquaculture interests: mainly sea-based abalone trials at Flinders, near Western Port, Victoria, as well as…

Matthew Muggleton

After completing a Bachelor of Technology in Aquaculture in 2000, Matthew commenced his career as an Aquaculture Technical Support Officer for the Yorke Regional Development Board and Executive Officer of the South Australian Oyster Research Council (SAORC). In 2003, Matthew became a partner in Corvel Marketing and Management, providing Executive Officer and Market Development services…

Anthony Hall

Anthony Hall

A love of scuba diving and the charm of the coastal town Mallacoota brought the Hall and Rudge families together. Diving for abalone as a teenager on the reef off Gabo Island made a clear impression as Anthony became a foundation investor in 1999 in Tim Rudge’s grand plan to build a farm at Narrawong….

Jonathan Lillie

Jon Lillie

Born and bred into the wool trade it was inevitable that Jonathan became an executive director of the family wool broking firm, Fox and Lillie.  Following an unwavering belief in the future of aquaculture he invested in the Narrawong farm in 1999 and was key to the formation of Yumbah in 2008 serving as director…

Gary Higgins


Gary is a senior finance professional with more than 30 years of experience both as a former partner in Ernst & Young for 18 years and director and owner of Elary Corporate Services Pty Ltd.  Gary has served as a director since 2008 becoming Chairman in 2016.  Gary reads spreadsheets instead of novels and is…

Tom Hyde

Tom is always satisfied after delivering a good harvest of top quality abalone. Tom loves working in a field he is passionate about and living where he grew up. This allows him to maintain strong connections to the local aquaculture community. Tom enjoys surfing and fishing around the coast of Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay.

David Connell

David has managed Yumbah Kangaroo Island since 1999. Being a pioneering producer of a sustainable food source has been his great reward. He loves being surrounded by wildlife and the extremes that Mother Nature offers at Kangaroo Island’s south coast. A strong community member and a reference source for knowledge about Kangaroo Island he is…

Tim Rudge

There is always something new to learn about abalone farming and this is a fantastic motivation and drives Tim to continually improve. Tim loves surfing and diving, and Narrawong with its surrounding coastline offer great diversity for both pursuits. There are perfect beginner spots where Tim can take his kids to snorkel and surf in safe…