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Yumbah Recipes

Shallot Butter Sauce

Recipe provided by Cheong Liew. This is a simple sauce that pairs well with the gentle sweetness of lightly-cooked Yumbah abalone. Simply combine the ingredients and drizzle on top of preferred dish. Can be refrigerated for up to three days.

Abalone Liver Sauce

Provided by Cheong Liew. Roughly Chop the abalone livers and, using a spoon, press through a strainer into a bowl. Grate the garlic directly into the liver and add the rose wine, soy sauce, chilli powder and sesame oil. Mix with a spoon until combined.  This dressing can be used in many asian recipes. 

Grilled Abalone with Sake & Butter

Recipe provided by Cheong Liew. Pre-heat your oven grill while you prepare your abalone. Score the abalone in a cross pattern to prepare for grilling. Once the grill is hot, place the abalone shells directly on the grill with the abalone meat and livers sitting inside.  After a minute or so, place a piece of butter…

Abalone Noodle With Crab & Prawn Broth

Recipe provided by Cheong Liew. Heat the pork stock in a large pot before adding the pork ribs and crab. Meanwhile, heat some oil in a heavy saucepan and fry the prawn shells until they are crispy. Add these to the stock pot and simmer for at least 40 min to enrich the flavour. Heat…

Steamed Fresh Abalone with Mandarin Peel

Recipe provided by Cheong Liew Carefully scrape the pith off the mandarin peel with a sharp knife and cut into fine strips.  Prepare the abalone for steaming by lightly scoring the flesh and making a horizontal cut along the side of the abalone, between the two wings. Place the abalone back into their shells on a heat…

Pan-Fried Abalone with Shallot Butter Sauce

Recipe provided by Cheong Liew Slice the abalone in to thick slices. In a frying pan heat the butter until it is just starting to smoke. Add slices of abalone and fry very briefly turning them over to cook both sides. Garnish with Okra, celery and carrot and serve with the shallot butter sauce.

Chicken & Abalone Congee

Recipe provided by Cheong Liew Finely chop the abalone livers and using a spoon, press through a strainer into a bowl. Add a splash of sesame oil to a clay pot before adding the abalone liver uncooked rice. Cook until the rice is slightly opaque and then add the konbu and Hijiki.  Add the abalone and 1.75l…

Abalone Fried Rice with XO Sauce

Recipe provided by Cheong Liew This recipe is very quick to cook so make sure you have all of your ingredients pre-prepared. Add the sunflower oil into a large wok and, once hot, add the shallots and garlic. When crispy, remove the shallots and garlic using a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the whipped egg…

Abalone & Chicken Wings in Clay Pot

Recipe provided by Cheong Liew. Rub the chicken wings all over with water chestnut starch. Heat the oil to 160 degrees in a deep pan or wok. Deep fry the chicken wings in the oil, continuously loosening until they are half cooked. Using a spider or slotted spoon to remove the wings from the oil, drain thoroughly….

Sashimi Abalone with Blood Orange Dressing

Recipe provided by Cheong Liew Thinly slice the abalone and set aside. While preparing the salad, heat 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil to 160 degrees in a wok or pan. Prepare the salad by arranging the watercress in a circle on a large plate and layer on the witlof, daikon, and nashi pear. The sliced abalone can…