Chicken & Abalone Congee


2 x Chopped Abalone Liver (using more if you like a stronger flavour) 1 x Splash of Sesame Oil 2 cups Pre-Soaked Rice ⅓ cup of Pre-Soaked Hijiki 10x Konbu Strips 4x Abalone, Sliced 1.75l of Water 200g Shredded Chicken Shredded Spring Onion and Fresh Ginger to Garnish

Finely chop the abalone livers and using a spoon, press through a strainer into a bowl.

Add a splash of sesame oil to a clay pot before adding the abalone liver uncooked rice.

Cook until the rice is slightly opaque and then add the konbu and Hijiki. 

Add the abalone and 1.75l of water to the pot and bring to a boil. Cook for 30 minutes over medium heat or until the rice is soft.

Once cooked, add the shredded chicken. Garnish with shredded ginger and spring onions.

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