How to Prepare

Whether you’re a professional chef in the food and beverage industry and offering abalone on your menu for the first time, or you’re someone who likes raising the bar at home in your own kitchen, knowing how to correctly prepare abalone can mean the difference between a good dish and a truly outstanding one.
Here’s how to prepare our frozen whole in shell abalone.


Never force-thaw frozen abalone in warm water or in a microwave. It is imperative that frozen abalone is thawed slowly, ideally in a normal refrigerator or in cold fresh water. Once the meat has thawed out, before shucking, wash it thoroughly in cold fresh water.


Place the front of a spoon or spatula against the muscle attached to the inside top of the shell and sever the muscle by moving the spoon or spatula inwards. Remove the abalone meat from the shell by hand.

Trim & Clean

Gently remove the liver and sand from the meat by hand. Using a sharp knife, remove the hard parts ('beak') of the mouth at the V-shape end of abalone.

Dry & Slice

Remove excess moisture with a paper towel. Slice the meat and cook as desired. See our recipes for some tantalising ideas!

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