Farm Manager Narrawong

Job Title: Farm Manager

Location: Narrawong VIC

Date: 2022-11-10

Job Type: Full-Time


Yumbah Aquaculture is seeking to be Australia’s leading shellfish aquaculture company and as such is diversifying and gr

Job Description

Yumbah Aquaculture is seeking to be Australia’s leading shellfish aquaculture company and as such is diversifying and growing quickly. Our business today comprises operations in Tasmania, Victoria, and South Australia, farming abalone, oysters, and mussels for both the domestic and international consumer markets, as well as oyster, spat for the Tasmanian and South Australian oyster industry.With our exciting growth trajectory, we are looking for an experienced abalone farmer to manage our Narrawong site based in Portland Victoria.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Supervise and manage technicians, processing and production supervisors and operators
  • Deliver quality standards and drive continuous improvement across the site
  • Manage and train aquaculture and fish hatchery support workers
  • Monitor the environment and maintain optimum conditions
  • Monitor and manage harvest and cultivate standards reaching budgeted output
  • Oversee preparation of the site for species cultivationYour duties will include:
  • Providing leadership and direction across the farm to achieve optimum business outcomes.
  • Be responsible for long-term planning, the development of annual forecasts, budgets and the implementation and monitoring of research and development projects.
  • Oversee maintenance and risk management across the site to ensure continuous production with satisfactory back-up systems.
  • Comply with Yumbah Policies and Procedures.
  • Manage the day-to-day operation of the farm to ensure resources are utilised effectively.
  • Monitoring farm performance, analyse performance data to develop insights, and implement decisions
  • Responsible for emergency response procedures.
  • Monitor stock health and product quality.
  • Ensure the training of farm employees to enable them to competently carry out tasks.
  • Actively lead farm meetings, trials, initiatives, and improvement strategies.
  • Accurately record and report data against KPI’s.
  • Direct and assist staff with operating mechanical equipment such as grading machines; preparation of product for market/transport as well as general maintenance duties.
  • Achieve and maintain accreditations as directed.
  • Community and stakeholder engagement.
  • Manage relationships with regulators, vendors, and suppliers

The successful candidate will have at least a bachelor’s degree in science majoring in aquaculture and at least three years of experience working in abalone and managing others.

Your experience will include
planning, controlling, coordinating, and understanding how to perform abalone farming operations

You will have experience managing up to 20 people at any one time and ability to collaborate throughout our farm network with sales, marketing, and distribution teams to drive efficiencies through the adoption of new and existing future farm solutions.

A competitive salary will be offered in this critical role

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