Yumbah people are coastal, bound together by a shared passion and love for the ocean and the beautiful abalone we sustainably farm. We are a family of committed and caring aquaculture workers who are a part of the Yumbah team because we love what we do.

Yumbah couldn’t produce the world’s best abalone without love, passion and respect. Every one of our farm managers is committed to ensuring our shellfish will be around for people to enjoy for centuries to come.

So let’s meet some of the special people who make Yumbah tick.

Richard Davey

Chief Financial Officer

David Wood

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Cameron


Amanda Oldridge

Head of People and Organisational Performance

Ben Cameron

Oysters Executive

Tim Rudge

Head of Corporate Development

David Connell

Head of Supply Chain and Optimisation

Tom Hyde

Head of Land Based Aquaculture

Gary Higgins

Director & Chairman

Jonathan Lillie


Anthony Hall


Matthew Muggleton

General Manager, Sales and Marketing

Peter Lillie

General Manager, Yumbah Sea Farms

Patrick O’Neil

Group Finance Manager

Bronwyn Lindsay

Head of Marketing

Yumbah Community

Yumbah families live and work in the communities where they farm, their children go to local schools and play sport for local teams. Having an ongoing contribution to the communities is very important to Yumbah. Surf Life Saving clubs, fundraising food events and local football, cricket and RSL clubs are all important to the local communities where Yumbah people live and work. Yumbah understands the importance of local education and contributes not just financially, but through work experience opportunities and regular school group tours through its farms. Most importantly, Yumbah also relies on a healthy sustainable environment. To help ensure its preservation, Yumbah sponsors the Blue Whale Study and its connection to the Bonney Upwelling and Yaygirr Language Centre from where Yumbah derives its name.

Working for Yumbah

umbah employ a diverse array of people with a wide variety of specialised skills. Yumbah values a team environment where striving for continuous improvement is always rewarded. Among the people of Yumbah are marine biologists, environmental scientists, aquaculturists, engineers, farm and processing technicians. Yumbah is always looking for passionate people to join us. This includes a dedicated three-year program which exposes graduates to all aspects of the Yumbah business.

Yumbah is passionate about identifying and nurturing talent and providing opportunities for people with a genuine interest in aquaculture. If you are interested in joining our team, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at: info@yumbah.com