We are developing a range of exciting new value-added products to be distributed under the Yumbah label.
These products will be launched over the coming years and will match our brand values with respect for the product, people and environment.

Ausab Pty Ltd was developed as a ‘single desk’ export marketing initiative between a group of Australia’s early abalone farms.

The concept was to create a pool of product, allowing for a larger supply of abalone along with a wider range of size specifications, to ensure customers’ supply requirements were met.

In conjunction with this, a standardised processing and quality protocol was established to ensure the Ausab product was always of the highest standard.

During the development of the Ausab marketing company, the packaging and branding for both the wholesale and retail markets was developed. The distinctive abalone shell logo became Ausab’s primary branding on all of its packaging, now occupying ‘prime space’ in many of its retail customers’ display freezers.

By 2013, Yumbah Aquaculture (formerly Southseas Abalone) had become the predominant supplier to the Ausab group, and Yumbah made a successful offer to buy out the interests of the other shareholders, thereby making Ausab and the Ausab brand a wholly owned subsidiary of Yumbah Aquaculture.

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