The Victorian Government has made amendments to Glenelg Shire Planning Scheme which will enable the new abalone farm, near Portland in western Victoria, to proceed. This certainty now means Yumbah Aquaculture can commence detailed design of the project.

For details about the proposed farm, please review the Fact Sheet – Proposed Abalone Farm Portland

Frequently Asked Questions about the Portland abalone farm can be found below:

  • What does the approval of amendments to the Glenelg Shire Planning Scheme mean for Yumbah Aquaculture?
    The Victorian Government has identified the building and construction sector as a key mechanism to revitalise Victoria’s economy. Yumbah has for some years been pursuing approval for a second onshore abalone farm, west of its Narrawong farm. In late March 2024 the Victorian Government cleared the way for amendments to the Glenelg Shire Planning Scheme which will enable the project to proceed.

  • What are the next steps following this approval from the Victorian Government?
    We will now commence the detailed design phase to meet the State Government’s two year commencement requirement, with expectations the farm will be operational by late 2029. We will work to engage our community through this process and will embrace environmental and social responsibility every step of the way.

  • Why was Portland chosen for this project? Does this project have any economic benefits for the community?
    The Portland site is perfect for sustainable abalone production, harnessing the natural elements of the Southern Ocean. This project is underpinned by an investment of more than $55 million in local industry, providing 50 direct and 75 indirect jobs once fully operational, and 120 direct jobs during construction.

    Our intent is always to grow alongside Australian aquaculture and the communities where we operate. This investment will do that, placing Portland at the forefront of sustainable production of premium seafood for Australian and international markets.

  • How will we work with the community to ease concerns?
    We know that we have work to do to reassure some neighbours and community groups about the project, and why it delivers significant benefits to Portland the region. Our team of people are dedicated to responsible, sustainable aquaculture and we look forward to telling that story to the community.