As the world population continues to grow the demand for sustainably produced proteins will continue to grow.  Yumbah recognises responsible culturing of shellfish helps to satisfy this growing need for premium quality seafood. We recognise that we must work with the natural capital of our farming environments to ensure that we responsibly farm for today, tomorrow and the next generations to come.

To this end Yumbah continues to work hard on key areas:

  • Ensuring that we close the breeding cycles for our abalone, mussels and oysters so that our products are bred from Yumbah farmed broodstock in our purpose-built hatcheries and nurseries rather than relying on wild fisheries for restocking;
  • Maintaining and monitoring our water quality through the system to ensure our impact on the external environment is minimal.  Indeed, the bivalve products of mussels and oysters play an active role in improving water quality as filter feeders.
  • Continuing to invest in research and development and innovative technology to improve the quality of product we produce, the environmental footprint with which we produce it and the sustainable financial outcomes to ensure that we continue to invest in the business; and
  • Engaging our team to be proud of what we do and to find improvements as part of a learning organisation.


Our commitment to responsible farming is evidenced by our abalone farms achieving ASC certification. Aquaculture Stewardship Council measures our business on the following principles:

  • Legal compliance with national and local laws and regulations
  • Preservation of natural habitats, local biodiversity and ecosystem
  • Preservation of the diversity of the wild population
  • Preservation of water resources and quality
  • Responsible use of feed and other resources
  • Improved fish health and controlled and responsible use of antibiotics and chemicals
  • Farms to be socially responsible toward their workers and the local community.


As a business we have invested to ensure we meet the rigorous standards, and by attaining the ASC certification we can proudly attest to our commitment to sustainability.     


Yumbah ASC certifications and awards