Yumbah has worked with Cameron of Tasmania since 2018 through a hatchery joint venture in Port Lincoln, South Australia. The success of this venture has been enabled by a common approach to business and a passion for what we do – growing great product responsibly. This relationship was cemented in October, 2021, when Yumbah acquired Cameron of Tasmania Pty Ltd. Cameron of Tasmania are third generation oyster producers and will continue to deliver quality product under the Cameron brand, under the experience guidance of Ben Cameron and his team.

After spawning, our Tasmanian-produced oyster spat are either sold to growers in Tasmania or cultured by Cameron of Tasmania in our grow out facility in Dunalley, Tasmania. The sheltered bay in Dunalley, coupled with the Cameron family’s over 30 years of experience, provides the perfect environment for our oysters to thrive. Our oysters are left to grow naturally, filter feeding from the nutrient rich and ice-cold waters of the Great Southern Ocean.

Once our oysters have reached the desired size, they are carefully harvested, graded and packed by the team at Cameron of Tasmania.

At our Port Lincoln farm, our oyster spat is sold to oyster growers in some of Australia’s premier oyster growing locations like Coffin Bay and Streaky Bay.