Live Yumbah Greenlip Abalone held in the hands of one of our expert team members.

Yumbah Greenlip Abalone

Yumbah is the largest producer of greenlip abalone in the world and we take great pride in offering this magnificent abalone to our discerning clients across the globe.

The sweet, subtle flavour, tender texture and pearl white meat of the Yumbah Greenlip make them one of the most highly sought-after ocean delicacies. Perfect for light frying and sashimi, the Yumbah Greenlip is the most delicate of all abalone species and is commonly sold in its shell to retain maximum flavour and goodness.

Frozen Whole in Shell

Frozen whole, sashimi quality, greenlip abalone is Yumbah’s specialty, and we follow a unique process that has been developed over many years using a combination of Australian and Japanese technology.

It is key to the process that our abalone is never stressed by exposure to poor quality, artificial water, unlike abalone that are held in aquariums in stale, recirculated water for weeks prior to harvest.

Whole-In-Shell Greenlip Abalone are quickly frozen using Suspended Animation Freezing to ensure the best tasting abalone of optimum freshness.
Shucked and frozen Australian Abalone.

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Meat

Individually Quick Frozen Meat is a staple in the foodservice sector and is gaining popularity in retail because IQF Meat can be supplied in bulk or retail-ready packs for all markets.

Cans and Retort Pouches

Yumbah abalone is sent live to our approved processors, where they are processed into cans and retort pouches according to customer requirements.

Minimal chemicals and preservatives are used to ensure that maximum freshness and flavour are retained.