Abalone, black fungus, finger lime, ponzu, sea grapes and caviar


4 Yumbah Aquavide Abalone

1 punnet black fungus mushrooms, cut into small pieces

10g  sea grapes

3g  toasted sesame seeds

20g salmon caviar

120ml ponzu



250ml soy sauce

250ml lemon and orange juice

2 lemons, zested

40ml mirin

12g bonito flakes

12g kombu


To make ponzu, add all ingredients to a jar and shake to combine. Steep for a week in the fridge and strain. Use within two weeks.

Slice abalone very thinly.

Layer with the black fungus mushrooms in a circle, leaving a gap in the middle to place more of the mushrooms.

Over the abalone, layer five pieces of sea grapes, spaced around evenly.

Then place three piles of the salmon roe and finger lime evenly around the abalone, so you have an even disbursement of each.

Carefully pour in the ponzu and finish with the toasted sesame seeds.

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