Yumbah’s story combines respect for Australia’s original inhabitants, the unique and pristine qualities of the Great Southern Ocean and investment in innovative, sustainable, scalable aquaculture systems to produce premium shellfish for a worldwide market.

With the permission of the traditional custodians of the Yaygirr language we call ourselves Yumbah, meaning ‘larger shellfish’. From ‘pellet to plate’, we nurture our shellfish from birth to harvest, then carefully process and package and sell it as our own brand. That’s the secret to a great coastal seafood experience born of respect, care and passion.

The Yumbah Story

Yumbah’s story began with a young man, the ocean and a dream. Watch the video for the full story.


Our Places

Yumbah has carefully sited its farms in isolated areas where the vast and ancient continent of Australia meets the Great Southern Ocean. We are privileged to work in beautiful locations such as Bicheno, Narrawong, Port Lincoln, Mornington Peninsula and Kangaroo Island.


Our Harvest

A live tiger abalone in its vibrant shell.
Oyster spat held in the open palm of a Yumbah team member.
Four live abalone held in the hand of a farmer.

All of our farms are nestled on the scenic shores of the Great Southern Ocean, a sea renowned for its clean, unpolluted and crystal clear waters. This is the environment that gives our abalone the sweetest flavour and enables us to consistently deliver only the very highest quality seafood.