Suspended Animation Freezing® (SAF) is a unique process developed by Yumbah that retains the freshness and taste of Yumbah abalone, and ensures that once thawed, the product maintains the same high quality as before it was frozen (live). Yumbah have developed this process over many years using a combination of Australian and Japanese technology.

Before freezing, Yumbah apply a strict selection process to ensure the quality of each abalone. Yumbah choose healthy, strong and vibrant live abalone that have been harvested from pure southern oceanic water and they are snap frozen within minutes. Yumbah do this to maintain the natural live characteristics, guarantee sashimi quality and eliminate the impact of the freezing process on taste and texture.

The main advantage of SAF is that the freezing process is extremely fast and only takes a few minutes. This prevents the formation of large ice crystals in the product’s cells and prevents the destruction of the membrane structures at the molecular level. These preventions allow the product to maintain, to a far greater extent, its shape, colour, smell and taste after being defrosted.