Greenlip Abalone with Poached Oyster Cream and Furikake and Black Rice Crumble


4 shucked and cleaned Yumbah Greenlip Abalone


Furikake crumble

35g furikake

60g roasted hazelnuts, chopped

25g black rice

150ml canola oil


Poached oyster cream

2 eschalots, diced

1 cup white wine

1 cup fish stock

600ml thickened cream

40g butter

3 oysters


Furikake and black rice crumble

Heat canola oil in a small pan, and once hot add rice. Cook until it puffs (approx. 5-10 seconds). Remove, drain and cool. Mix with all other ingredients. Set aside.

Poached oyster cream

Add 10g of the butter into a saucepan, then add diced eschalots. Once softened, add in white wine and reduce by half, then pour in fish stock and reduce again by half. Add thickened cream and reduce until desired consistency.

Take the abalone and poach for 30 seconds in the white wine sauce then remove. Quickly add in the oysters and cook for 20 seconds. Blitz and add in the remaining 30g cold butter.

To serve

Slice the abalone and layer into their shells. Pour over the oyster cream and finish with the crumble.

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