KI Seaport “No” is Right for Kangaroo Island

The South Australian Government’s decision to refuse permission for the proposed KIPT Seaport at
Smith Bay is right for Kangaroo Island.

This is a victory for what makes Kangaroo Island special – a unique biosecure island whose environment
is internationally acclaimed.

Yumbah and other businesses that rely on this environment are thankful for the decision.
For more than five years, Yumbah’s growth and investment plans on Kangaroo Island have been put on
hold because of the threat of a Smith Bay Seaport.

The State’s clear response to the Commission’s final report removes that threat and the door to aqua-
tourism and aquaculture on Kangaroo Island is now reopened.

It means Yumbah and others not only at Smith Bay but across Kangaroo Island can get back to being in
business for the long term.

Best of all, today’s decision clears the air for the people of Kangaroo Island.
Yumbah thanks all supporters and especially its loyal staff who kept the Kangaroo Island farm ticking in
the face of adversity.

Removing what timber remains from the Black Summer fires still presents a massive challenge for the
Island, and Yumbah commits to continuing to be a positive voice supporting what is best for Kangaroo
Island for the long-term.