New Era for abalone farm

Published on Port Lincoln Times 21 November 2016 – Click here to view the original article.

YUMBAH Port Lincoln, formerly known as SAM Abalone, has joined with three other premium Australian abalone farms in amalgamating into a single entity, Yumbah Aquaculture.

The move has joined the former Southseas Abalone operations at Port Lincoln, Kangaroo Island, Bicheno on Tasmania’s East Coast, and Narrawong near Portland in Victoria’s south-west.

The amalgamation makes Yumbah the largest abalone producer in the southern hemisphere, supplying more than 500 tonnes of premium abalone each year.

Yumbah Port Lincoln manager Tom Hyde said the rebranding had been combined with structural and cultural change within the business.

Mr Hyde said as part of Yumbah Aquaculture, individual farms had more control of their future and direction.

“For example, we have embarked upon a new species on site here, going into oyster spat production with Cameron’s of Tasmania,” Mr Hyde said.

He said the move into oyster spat production was a result of the company having more freedom to determine its future.

Mr Hyde said they hoped to have oyster spat settled before Christmas this year.

Yumbah Aquaculture chairman Gary Higgins said the company would soon be turning out 700 tonnes of abalone, more than 80 per cent of which was exported to China and Asian markets, the west coast of the United States, Canada and Europe.

“With scale, certainty of supply and quality, and other business efficiencies we gain through transforming into one company, we’ll be able to better meet the needs of a consumer base that continues to demand far more than we can supply,” Mr Higgins said.

“Years of accumulated experience, a talented workforce of more than 80 people, high-quality equipment, unique farming techniques, locations that capitalise on the best possible sea frontage for abalone, and well-developed paths to market means we can ensure premium, world-class abalone for foreign and domestic markets,” he said.