Here’s how to prepare our aquavide abalone.

The Yumbah Aquavide Proprietary process is an exclusive, light and gentle cooking method, delivering sweet and delicate, ready-to-eat abalone meat without the use of added preservatives, chemicals, EDTA or sulphites.

Yumbah’s world famous Australian Greenlip Abalone is loved for its delicate texture, sweet flavour and consistent quality.

World Seafood Champion John McFadden demonstrates how to prepare Yumbah Aquavide Abalone below.

How To Prepare Aquavide Abalone

Yumbah Abalone has delicate flesh and has already been gently cooked using our proprietary Aquavide blanching technique.

For a less salty flavour, rinse abalone gently under fresh, cold running water. Excessive cooking time and temperature can lead to meat shrinkage or texture damage so be mindful when adding to hot dishes. 

For salad preparation

Finely slice the abalone on an angle, add to selected condiments or dressing (if using) and serve.

For pan/stir-fried preparation

Cook no longer than one minute. Thinly slice the abalone and set aside. 

In a pan or wok, cook all other ingredients and sauce, adding the abalone for the final 60 seconds to heat through, then serve.

For pasta preparation

Cook pasta as directed. While pasta is cooking, make the sauce and bring the ingredients to a gentle boil. Drain pasta, and add sliced abalone to the sauce for just a minute to heat through, before adding the pasta into the sauce and tossing gently to combine.