People & Provenance Series: Bec’s Story


Hi, I’m Bec, a Team Leader working for Cameron of Tasmania, and I wanted to tell you my story about how I became an oyster farmer.

I completed a Bachelor of Marine Science in 2011 and finally, 10 years later in 2021, I managed to not only get an interview but also be successful in gaining the position of farmhand with Cameron of Tasmania. By this stage, I now had 15 years of experience in management in the retail industry, with my highest position held as Business Development Manager. My qualifications include; a Bachelor of Marine Science, Cert 3 in Business, Motorboat licence, Forklift licence, Full Drivers licence, First Aid, and Elements of Shipboard Safety as I was working towards obtaining my coxswains to help get accepted into the industry.

I had lost count as to how many Scientific/Aquaculture and Farm Hand positions that I had applied for in the marine industry during these 10 years. I would say that I completed around 100 applications and managed to gain one interview during this time, which was only through my husband knowing someone that worked for the company. This interview was for the position of an oyster farmhand, and I remember one comment very well. Basically, I was too much of a princess for the position and wouldn’t be suited to the role.

Three years later I was finally given the opportunity as a farmhand with Cameron of Tasmania and for this, I will forever be grateful. I felt like being female is what held other companies back from giving me a go. I took a huge chance and accepted a casual position with a huge pay cut from my previous job and it is now an hour drive to work each day. I had been passed up so many times that I had started to question if maybe this just wasn’t the job for me. With all these doubts I was still so excited to be starting my new job. On my first day even just driving to work in the morning through the countryside felt like an adventure. The adventure didn’t stop there. I loved my first day and knew instantly that this was the job for me. I was quickly accepted into the team and they were very patient while I learned a whole new industry.

I’ve progressed very quickly within my first 12 months with the company. I am currently enrolled in my Cert 3 in Aquaculture and have completed my coxswains ticked 5 months ago allowing me to progress into the position of Team Leader. I love my job and I owe that all to the team at Cameron of Tasmania. I am continually being challenged and learning new things, not only from a company perspective but I also have the ability to grow within the company. I am passionate about being able to pass my knowledge on to others and enjoy training new team members. My favourite part about work would have to be being out on the water. It’s still an adventure every day and there’s always something new to learn. But hands down the best part about my job is the people that make up our team. We are a diverse group that works really well together. We’re not just a team but also a family.