Abalone in Soy Sauce

1. Remove abalone from the can, thinly slice and set aside. 2. Pour the soy glaze from the can into a small fry pan and bring to a simmer until glossy and thick 3.Add the sliced abalone pieces over a bed of rice, and pour the glaze over the top. 4. Serve immediately with a […]

Abalone, Chilli and Lime Crackers

Yumbah Abalone Chilli and Lime Crackers displayed in a circle on a dehydrator.

An abalone innovation, created by World Seafood Champion John McFadden. Try this new take on the prawn cracker using Yumbah Abalone, chilli and lime. Prepare the abalone Place the abalone meat and water in a food processor or blender, and blend to form a smooth abalone paste. Put the tapioca starch in a large mixing […]

Teriyaki Abalone

Yumbah Teriyaki Abalone with Asian Greens

1. Remove abalone from the can and thinly slice. Discard the brine, and set aside the meat. 2. In a small pan, combine all remaining ingredients to create a glaze. Ensure the sugar has been completely dissolved. 3. Then add sliced abalone pieces to the sauce to heat through. Be sure not to overcook the […]