Abalone, black fungus, finger lime, ponzu, sea grapes and caviar

Abalone, black fungus, finger lime, ponzu, sea grapes & salmon caviar

Method To make ponzu, add all ingredients to a jar and shake to combine. Steep for a week in the fridge and strain. Use within two weeks. Slice abalone very thinly. Layer with the black fungus mushrooms in a circle, leaving a gap in the middle to place more of the mushrooms. Over the abalone, […]

Soy, Honey and Ginger Seafood Dressing

Pouring soy, honey and ginger dressing into a white ceramic bowl.

Place all ingredients into a pot, and heat until just warm and honey has melted. Remove and cool. place into bottle and allow the flavours to develop overnight.

Yumbah Abalone Vietnamese Noodle Salad

Yumbah Aquavide Abalone Vietnamese Noodle Salad with wedge of lime

A fresh spring salad crafted by World Seafood Champion John McFadden, this take on a classic Vietnamese salad is topped with new Yumbah Aquavide Abalone. Prepare the Vietnamese Noodle Salad To make the salad, combine all the ingredients (except for the roasted peanuts) in a bowl. Nuoc Cham Dressing Combine water and sugar in a […]

Abalone, Chilli and Lime Crackers

Yumbah Abalone Chilli and Lime Crackers displayed in a circle on a dehydrator.

An abalone innovation, created by World Seafood Champion John McFadden. Try this new take on the prawn cracker using Yumbah Abalone, chilli and lime. Prepare the abalone Place the abalone meat and water in a food processor or blender, and blend to form a smooth abalone paste. Put the tapioca starch in a large mixing […]